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The 5 news that shook social networks in 2013

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The 5 news that shook social networks in 2013

Social networks are the new medium through which people find out and replicate the news. In 2013, five news items went around the world through these platforms, one of them was the appointment of Pope Francis as the new leader of the Vatican. More related notes: 302 million mentions on twitter about the Costa Rica Phone Number List in Mexico City Wikileaks “takes over” Twitter 5 million impressions on Twitter generated by Obama’s visit to Mexico.

Imagine that social media disappeared
Here are the 5 notes with the greatest impact on Twitter:

The excitement for the new Pope almost collapsed Twitter
While millions of people – of all faiths – watched the white ‘smoke’ on television, the crowd in St. Peter’s Square and hoped to know the name of the new Holy Father, Twitter almost collapsed for the emotion that the episode caused the world. Yes, because not only the believers were interested. Curiosity took hold of a large part of the world’s population and was reflected in the micro blogging account. Some tweeted with devotion, others critically, and many with humor.

Death of Paul Walker shakes social networks

The death of American actor Paul William Walker, who achieved fame for his participation in the Fast and Furious film series, was confirmed today. The death was confirmed on twitter and facebook by his agent this afternoon. The event immediately shook social networks Phone Number List that added 334,803,694 impressions worldwide, only in Mexico the news accumulated 8 million impressions on twitter. On Facebook the behavior was similar after the news was confirmed on its official page, the message was shared more than 206,000 times.

Nelson Mandela’s death shocks social media

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela born on July 18, 1918 in Johannesburg, South Africa passed away today at the age of 95. The death of the South African lawyer and politician, also called Madiba, has shaken the whole world, the event has been felt especially on social networks. With more than one hashtag, the world population, the media and global leaders have expressed their deepest condolences.

546 million impressions on twitter has generated the apprehension of Elba Esther Gordillo

The news of the arrest of Elba Esther Gordillo has unleashed a tide of twitter messages in Mexico and around the world. Only in the first 5 hours, 260,450 messages have been added on the subject . The hashtag #elbaesthergordillo has become a trending topic with more than 100,000 mentions.

Protests in Brazil generate 80 billion impressions on Twitter

A great “human tide” took to the streets of Brazil yesterday to denounce the excessive expenses for the World Cup, while the quality of public services is detrimental and the increase in public transport is increasing. According to figures from international news agencies, more than 800 thousand people demonstrated in the Brazilian streets yesterday and Rio de Janeiro had the largest mobilization, with more than 300 thousand protesters.
However, the largest number of protesters occurred on Twitter, where the issue of the protests generated 79.943 million impressions on Twitter in Brazil, of which 27.655 million were promoted by the hashtag #ProtestoRJ, according to figures by Topsy.

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