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The 2nd Community Manager Course begins in Madrid

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The 2nd Community Manager Course begins in Madrid

Last Tuesday, April 3, the Community Manager and Content Manager course that we teach in Madrid began. phone directory england uk It is the second edition that we carry out at the Centro Hispano-Colombian thanks to a grant from the Department of Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid. phone directory england uk It is aimed at young people between 18 and 32 years of age. The course lasts 100 hours and will last for the next two months. phone directory england uk Classes will be every Thursday and Saturday from 4pm to 9pm, except for some exceptions. phone directory england uk Students will have a computer in class to be able to carry out the important practical part of the course during them.

Students will be introduced to the world of the Community Manager and will carve their own path on the web. During the course, phone directory england uk each one will work on their blog and personal brand, phone directory england uk which will be their cover letter. Not only will those who successfully complete the course receive a Certificate, but they will end up with a blog that reflects their entire Social Media experience. phone directory england uk In addition, once the course is finished, they will have the possibility of doing 50-hour work practices that open the doors of the labor market and in which they put everything they have learned into practice.

phone directory england uk

The first day they already knew everything related to the course, phone directory england uk the evaluation mode and the main tools and tasks that we will have. Although there will be time to work on Gambling Email List it and go deeply into it, phone directory england uk  on the first day a Twitter account and a blog were created that will be the main tools of the course. We also started strong and in addition to seeing many things we put the first tasks for home. phone directory england uk They must put 5 Tweets a day about Social Media content and they have to publish the summary of the first class on their blog. These tasks will be constant throughout the course and will suppose a large part of that daily hour that everyone has committed to dedicating these two months. phone directory england uk The 17 students start out motivated and interested in the subject. Everyone’s experience is different, phone directory england uk but they are all in high spirits. In addition, among all the students, they represent 7 countries, an example of integration and interculturality. I present to all of them. Welcome everyone and I hope you like it

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