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The 25 most read notes in Digital Marketing during 2013

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The 25 most read notes in Digital Marketing during 2013

The year that is ending was full of digital launches that went viral through different social networks. Video or photo content, texts or slogans of all types of companies and products were a determining factor for the success or failure of the campaigns Dominican Republic Phone Number List. For these reasons, we present you a count of the 25 most read articles during 2013 on Digital Marketing.

1. The best websites to find work in Mexico / 35,991 views /
58 percent of Internet users in Mexico have found employment in online job boards according to a study carried out by AMIPCI. The study reveals important information in which it mentions that 63% of active Internet users are looking for a new job, against 5% who state that they are not interested in finding a job other than the current one.

2. Ford’s new viral video that you cannot miss / 29,960 views /
Video has become an infallible tool within the marketing strategies Phone Number List of practically all brands. One of the main characteristics that it must have to go viral is that it is really surprising, whether it is because it is funny, disgusting or touching.

3. 5 technological failures in 2013 / 29,651 views /
Not everything was successful and profitable for the technological devices and applications that were released this year. Despite the anticipated stratospheric sales for all and millions of users acquiring and downloading the alleged innovations, some failed miserably.

4. The note of the week: 5 most viewed advertising spots on YouTube / 29,410 views /
Thanks to the online video boom , brands have found a new point of contact to impact their consumer, where they can broadcast the advertising s pots designed in a start for mainstream media such as television has become common practice.

5. 5 selfies that have been around the world / 28,065 views /
Selfie : said to be a photograph taken by oneself that is normally taken with a smartphone or a webcam to share it later on a social network. The selfie is, since last November, the Word of the year in the Oxford dictionary. Dozens of celebrities have joined this trend, even the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and Pope Francis.

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