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The 15 best Marketing and Social Media Blogs, according to students

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The 15 best Marketing and Social Media Blogs, according to students

Very good days. Today we bring you the best Online Marketing blogs according to the votes of our students and alumni. list your phone number We have asked q use vote your favorite blogs in 5 categories and the results have formed these Awards Aula CM . list your phone number We want to share with you the best Online Marketing blogs . It is a very special list because it is the result of the votes of our students and alumni. list your phone number They are the protagonists, they have voted on their favorite blogs within 5 categories and we already have the results. The ratings were free , list your phone number he not voted on a preset but the q ue each proposed. That made q ue the votes have been widely distributed and the difference between them has been small.

Especially difficult was the choice of the best corporate blog or brand, in the q ue have had q ue tiebreaker with our votes. list your phone number One of the best known and most influential Social Media news portals. list your phone number With this large number of votes, it continues to demonstrate its large audience and number of regular readers. list your phone number It is one of the web pages with the most activity and traffic in the Social Media and Marketing sector. list your phone number A blog where Manuel Moreno brings us up to date with all kinds of news and articles on Social Media Marketing and Community Manager. list your phone number He has also won votes in several categories and has been one of the most voted in the general count. Vilma is the favorite of our students with her great blog.

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The blog especially noted for the depth of the issues  Gambling Email List q ue is, list your phone number for resources q ue offers (such as templates and guides) and graphic design care. Our special congratulations for being the most voted of all Blogs! list your phone number Juan is probably the best known Social Media benchmark in Spain and one of the blogs with the most traffic and followers. After many years at the top of the best blogs, list your phone number it is a joy to continue seeing between q ue more like our students. 3. list your phone number Paco Viudes Paco gets third place q ue has been hotly contested. In our classes we’ve ever recommended any article of yours and I q ue students have noticed q ue is also one of the blogs q ue more we like us.

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