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The 11 most important Legal Questions in Digital Marketing

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The 11 most important Legal Questions in Digital Marketing

n any case, everything will depend on how you have drawn up those bases. That is to say, the bases themselves can stipulate what rights the brand wants to have over that photo and which of these rights are assigned by the participant for the mere fact of participating in the contest. In any case, the help of a lawyer is recommended when drafting these bases, like any legal text.  Dentist Email List The important thing is to make it very clear what the person is accepting on those bases. Normally, leonine clauses will be established that will mark the limits of use of this graphic material. Contests are not free There are two basic types of contests: Raffles and Random Mixes’ necessary to know how to adapt them to our particular situation .

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Yes, you could take some general conditions and adjust them to your own needs. In no case is it advisable to apply them as is or copy them directly from another website. A blog and an ecommerce do not have the same legal texts although they share common points, therefore the same general text would not be valid for both. The legal conditions, which we apparently perceive as a mere procedure, are actually the contractual conditions with which we interact with our clients, readers or users. In the case of a blog , at a minimum it is important that these bases reflect: ▷ The spirit of the company ▷ Material related to the reasonable use of the page ▷ Material related to intellectual property In the case of an ecommerce , the task is much more complex, and must include, at a minimum: ▷ Withdrawal rights ▷ Return rights ▷ Associated charges ▷ Laws specific to this sector The Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights has meant a great change for websites and ecommerce. It has introduced many new features and restrictions. Here is a guide with everything you need to know about the new RGPD law.

It contains a step-by-step explanation of how to implement certain aspects, such as the acceptance of cookies that concern us so much.  How to adapt your website to the new data protection law ADC) are critical. They cannot be absent if you are going to contact other entities to discuss new projects where the know-how of your company comes into play. Before sharing knowledge and miscellaneous material, you should take action before possible copying or theft of ideas. It is quite common for a large company to approach a small one and the latter to be left unprotected due to the lack of a good confidentiality agreement that safeguards its rights. Gambling Gmail List As in the previous case, if you do not want to hire a lawyer, there are also standard models of “Confidentiality Agreements”. There are some minimum aspects that must appear in these agreements: ▷ What information is confidential ▷ For how long (2 years, 10 years, until the contractual relationship expires) ▷ What type of compensation will there be in case of non-compliance The clauses can be diverse and can range from preventing the theft of workers or future conditions, to mere data protection.

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