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Tasty Poke: “We remain in a state of constant change so as not to tire”

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Tasty Poke: “We remain in a state of constant change so as not to tire”

sty Poke Bar has brought into fashion a dish of exotic origin that was traditionally eaten by Hawaiian fishermen, german phone book the Poke. It is a famous dish for containing marinated fish such as salmon, tuna or butterfish and it has had a small Japanese fusion. german phone book This mix with oriental cuisines has made Poke one of the most fashionable dishes in Spain. german phone book Marketing Director Tasty Poker exile Fernandez Those responsible for the fact that in less than a year this new flavor has german phone book conquered thousands of palates are the brothers David and Gemma Salvador together with their friend Jaime Fargo who,

after having known the dish in the United States and falling in love with the concept, german phone book decided to import it to Spain. From ForoMarketing we have spoken with the Marketing Director of Tasty Poke, Exile Fernández, german phone book to learn the ins and outs of the pioneer chain in franchising a restaurant model specialized in a Hawaiian dish. Tasty Poke has stood out for innovation in all senses , german phone book both in its product and in its marketing campaigns, where it shows that it is not afraid to use the social and political reality of a country to, in a simple way, make consumers smile. german phone book Perhaps this is his secret to end 2019 with 20 stores open in Spain,

german phone book

Brazil and Italy and a total turnover Gambling Email List of five million euros: innovation. When and how did the idea of ​​a healthy Hawaiian fast food come up ? The idea arose in 2017 from the hand of Jaime Faro , and the brothers David and Gama Salvador . german phone book Gemma lived in Houston, saw that it was a profitable business in the US and decided to move the idea to Spain. Tasty Poke Bar was one of the pioneering places to make poke bowls in Spain. You have made Poke in Spain famous, german phone book but… what exactly is poke, german phone book and how is it incorporated into the Mediterranean diet? Poke is a dish of Hawaiian origin with Japanese fusion , it is composed of a base of rice, quinoa or mecum, with a protein among which are salmon, tuna, tofu, chicken and here.

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