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talks and visions. Keys to the VI Meeting of Marketing Agencies

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talks and visions. Keys to the VI Meeting of Marketing Agencies

On June 6, the VI Agencies Meeting was held at the Goya Theater, an event organized by Aula CM in collaboration with the Goya Theater and Elec, with the main objective of uniting the Marketing agencies of Spain to strengthen their ties and can share knowledge and experiences with each other. Below you can find a summary of the most important things. This year, the VI Meeting of Agencies has been totally different from previous years . Buy Bitcoin Email Leads During the day we have more than 30 individual presentations and 6 discussion tables on: SEO positioning Graphic and Web Design Content Marketing and YouTube Social media Event organization Online advertising Between tables have three talks involving two about online marketing tools such as Metricon and Influenced and another Cast in all showed their latest in technology and infrastructure for events.

Also the well-known rapper Arcana and the saxophonist Fabián Rivero helped to liven up the event. The VI Meeting of Agencies has been a special edition and different from the previous ones. Proof of this has been the change of location to the Goya Theater and the creation of its own website reuniondeagencias.com . In addition, this year we have had the collaboration of more than 60 agencies with which we have prepared a book with advice, experiences and forecasts on the sector . We have also made a Poster with all the names of the participating agencies. If you want to download the book and / or the poster, visit the website of reuniondeagencias.comIñaki Tovar from Webpositer made great emphasis during his presentation on the importance of CRO and the need to work on it before starting with the SEO strategy. Before focusing on attracting traffic, you have to prepare the web to sell. In addition, Inoki treated the CRO improvement as an SEO improvement, since having a well-worked CRO helps you :

Improve the effect of Pogo Sticking Improve Dwell Time Increase the number of Served Pages. Improve Bounce Rate Credibility is the basis for achieving conversion on a website @WebPositer @seomental #ReuniondeAgencias pic.twitter.com/AmSHbguJ0A – Aula CM (@aulaCM) June 6, 2019spoke about the current challenges in SEO . For her there are two great challenges: Adapt to changes that Google is making in search results. The Keywords Research have lost effectiveness and have given way to the Search Intent . For this it is important to look at what Google is showing on the first page and adapt our content. The other challenge is to adapt to new technologies . Gambling Gmail List Currently, JavaScript is the latest craze for creating web pages, but this technology is not well suited to SEO. Also, keep an eye on voice searches that promise to change the way users have searched for information so far.

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