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Strategies for effective email marketing

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Strategies for effective email marketing

The use of email for a marketing campaign may seem obsolete, however it is still one of the best strategies to reach your customers directly. More Related Notes: Is Email Still More Effective Than Facebook And Twitter? E-mail marketing, is it still working Malaysia Phone Number List? 5 tips so that your email marketing does not end in spam

The strategies in direct marketing through e-mail aim to reach receptive customers with specific messages, these are related to an increase in customer retention or an increase in sales.

By targeting emails based on available data and through good targeting, you will increase the impact of your marketing efforts and improve customer perception.

It is worth making sure that your strategies are personalized and useful to ensure customer satisfaction through this route.

For this reason, we present some of which you should take into account when performing this action:

Observe and know your competitors: Subscribe to the lists of your competitors, this does not mean that you will steal strategies or copy them Phone Number List, but you will know what information and offers they present to their customers.

By knowing your customers in this way, you will know what competitive special offers you can offer. Do not repeat information use your email communication to create your own marketing strategy, which differentiates, above all, your product or service from theirs.

Segment: When you have a large database, segment it and create direct email marketing campaigns for each group.

An example is starting to divide by those who are new customers, prospects, and repeat customers to personalize product information and offers. For your new customers you can offer a money back guarantee to convince them to know your product or service. For existing ones or those with insurance, you can provide an update and a “distinguished customer” price.

Analyze the statistics: It is very important to know and analyze the statistics of the shipments to know which emails were opened and what content was relevant and interesting to your customers. It is advisable to have a professional CRM program.

Personalize: Each email must have the name of the client and other relevant information, for example the position or company to which it belongs.

Similarly, if you have information about a previous purchase, put a reference in the email to the product or service purchased, so your customer will feel more appreciated.

Many CRM tools allow you to have control over previous purchases or services as well as basic information on how long the customer has been with you.

Relate with the client: Use email to maintain a good relationship with your client, make him feel part of your company as if it were his home, that he has the freedom to provide answers to his concerns and ensure his satisfaction.

An example is sending an email after the customer contacts your customer service department, to make sure they have given acceptable service and to find out if they still have other needs.

Another example is sending an email after a purchase to ensure delivery, you can take the opportunity to ask him to answer surveys and also direct him to your website.

Offer content of interest: To add more subscribers or clients, provide them with relevant content that catches their attention, encourage them to receive more information if they share the content or if they enter your website.

Cross-sell: Based on past customer purchases, offer products that target their buying patterns.

That is, if he frequently buys a certain product, let him know a promotion of a new one from the same line.

With these basic strategies, start mailing for your product or service, just remember that when obtaining the initial data of your prospects you must take into account the confidentiality and data protection agreement to avoid annoyances or problems

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