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Strategic marketing The chorizo ​​gives value to the “Marca España”

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Strategic marketing The chorizo ​​gives value to the “Marca España”

The Spanish Chorizo ​​Consortium continues with its work of ensuring the maximum excellence of quality chorizo ​​and positioning the Spanish Chorizo abroad. belgium contact number With this objective, belgium contact number it has launched a promotional video that shows the process of making this centennial food backed by the values ​​of its own label. This action is part of the digital strategy that the Spanish Chorizo ​​Consortium has been developing for a long time.belgium contact number It is intended to transmit the values ​​of this product more directly and reach new audiences. belgium contact number It thus joins recent highly successful campaigns such as the one carried out with the British channel specializing in cuisine Great British Chefs or the recent initiative,

#CookingChorizo , carried out with bloggers from Spain, belgium contact number France, the United Kingdom and Sweden. “The Spanish Chorizo ​​is one of the hallmarks of our gastronomy and tradition. The #SpanishChorizo ​​seal endorses a unique origin and guarantee. It certifies an exhaustive control of the product, the guarantee of quality as well as the origin of the raw materials. belgium contact number This is what we want to convey in this video to both our Spanish and international clients belgium contact number ”explains Alejandro Álvaro-Canal, technical director of the Spanish Chorizo ​​Consortium.

belgium contact number

Throughout the video, belgium contact number lasting a minute and a half, Gambling Email List the rigorous selection system is shown so that the chorizo ​​can wear said label; a system based on quality audits from the origin of the pig, belgium contact number compliance with animal welfare standards, slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, ingredient manufacturing processes and piece-by-piece selection of the final product. The video, which has been recorded in Castilla y León, belgium contact number specifically in the meadows of Salamanca, has been translated into English and French to promote, also outside our borders, the consumption of authentic Spanish Chorizo, belgium contact number ambassador of the Spain Brand at the level international.

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