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Spaniards, the most concerned in Europe about unemployment

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Spaniards, the most concerned in Europe about unemployment

We count the minutes for the desired vaccine to guide us, step by step, canada phone no list towards normality. However, we are all aware that the consequences of a pandemic like the one we have experienced also upsets our economic and social life in the medium term. Not surprisingly,  canada phone no list just two days ago the Bank of Spain pointed out that the return to growth levels prior to the pandemic will not occur until 2023  . canada phone no list And a recent study by the European Investment Bank indicates that Spaniards’ concern about unemployment is much higher than that of the rest of Europe. canada phone no list This study asked respondents what their main concerns were today. We focus on Spain and, as is logical, the results indicate that the first concern is the coronavirus crisis ,

indicated as such by 81% of those interviewed. canada phone no list Immediately afterwards, 61% of those surveyed indicated that unemployment was the other great challenge, while the economic situation was in third position , canada phone no list worrisome for 41% of those surveyed . This concern about unemployment and the economy in general is notably greater in Spain than in other European countries. Not surprisingly, canada phone no list the concern about unemployment is “only” 41% in the European average , canada phone no list almost twenty points less than in Spain. It is obvious that the special intensity with which we lived in Spain in the 2008 crisis and its disastrous consequences for employment continue to be deeply rooted in the collective Spanish psyche. Fighting the crisis and unemployment, a task for all Entrepreneurs, canada phone no list authorities and citizens have the obligation not to repeat the mistakes of twelve years ago .

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It is everyone’s duty to try to ensure that the productive fabric and the services sector, so important in our country, manage to recover from these devastating months. This requires creativity and innovation . Gambling Email List  canada phone no list We all need to row one. It is necessary that, as we have said many times in Foro Marketing , canada phone no list we place the human being at the center of all recovery strategies. Now is the time to put a stop to the damn coronavirus, close the door forever with the help of health advances and everyone’s commitment. But we cannot allow the hangover of his vileness to linger with us for long. canada phone no list Obviously these have been strange , difficult times, especially from a health point of view, canada phone no list  but also in the economy. Let us all implement a strategy so that economic recovery is as fast as possible and unemployment does not become a new virus that contaminates our society.

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