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Social networks, the pending issue for brands

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Social networks, the pending issue for brands

In recent years, social networks have experienced great growth, australia mobile number database being the absolute protagonists in the day-to-day life of a large part of the population. For this reason, Aponia , australia mobile number database the global market research platform, has carried out a survey among young people between 16 and 24 years of age to find out their tastes and preferences on social networks, as well as to analyze the key aspects to be taken into account by brands to reach this audience. Of all the options that dominate the social media market, australia mobile number database there is a clear winner for young Spaniards: 87% use Instagram daily, of which 54% do so several times a day.

YouTube occupies the second position (66%) followed by Tick Tock (54%), but the latter is used more times a day,  australia mobile number database specifically by 30% of young people, compared to 29% on YouTube. In contrast, the least used social network is Snapchat, with 54% of respondents saying they never use it, australia mobile number database followed by Facebook, with 43%. If we focus on the profiles most followed by users, 80% of those surveyed affirm that they mainly follow their friends , influencers (46%) and celebrities (31%). australia mobile number database  Social networks, territory to be conquered by brands When it comes to following a brand on RRSS, what young people value most is the possibility of obtaining discounts

australia mobile number database

followed by especially fun content (36%) and the presentation of new trends (33%). The least valued are the unedited spontaneous videos, Gambling Email List as in real life (16%),  australia mobile number database which is why they demand from these brands a worked and quality content. Not all content is perceived in the same way by users of social networks. Therefore, australia mobile number database when it comes to identifying the preferred content of young Spaniards between 16 and 24 years of age, 61% affirm that they enjoy humorous content more , australia mobile number database  followed by specific content that matches their interests (52%) and content that transmits new knowledge (36%).

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