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Social Networks and Disability, the space for integration

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Social Networks and Disability, the space for integration

We attended Juan Meridio’s conference on the role of Social Networks to overcome barriers and generate new opportunities for people with disabilities. any uk phone number We attended the Fundación Once conference organized by Juan Meridio . any uk phone number In it we were able to learn the keys and experiences of disabled people on the web. We immediately met the protagonists of the event who were Quim Villamajo and his father. any uk phone number This 16-year-old boy with down syndrome has been sharing his concerns in his videoblog with everyone for several years now. any uk phone number His father spoke first and we could all understand the great work that he and his mother do with Quim. She watched along with other family members from the audience.

Then Quim spoke, and as you can see in the video of the day below, his speech was overwhelming and hilarious. any uk phone number The students were delighted to meet him. We took photos with all of them who were very nice at the end of the event. I can only congratulate Juan Meridio and Fundación Once for such a good initiative and invite all of you to listen to Quim’s talk and visit his videoblog: any uk phone number ElA few days before our visit, we were able to research Quim and we watched several videos in class. any uk phone number They asked him about the following video at the conference and we were also amused. Chapter 13. Les Noise / The girls from Jesús Villamajo .

any uk phone number

If you want to improve your marketing, any uk phone number here we propose 615 marketing and advertising actions according to 25 experts How great is Quim! I take off my hat. What self-confidence and naturalness he has speaking in public. I loved the “I like swimming and pretty girls, welany  Gambling Email List  uk phone number  first, pretty girls” Thank you Bruno for sharing such beautiful videos (I haven’t seen the full length yet, I’m missing a bit) Thanks also to Juan Meridio , any uk phone number has proven once again that it is a crack. It’s nice to see that social networks serve much more than we thought, such as social integration, any uk phone number wonderful! And what remains for us to discover. I hope to see more videos of Quim and to know how his search for a girlfriend has gone.

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