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Social Networks add support actions for Nepal

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Social Networks add support actions for Nepal

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 has so far registered more than 4,000 deaths, 7,000 injured and an indefinite number of missing persons. Faced with such a situation, different companies and institutions have taken actions to help the victims. Such is the case of the three largest digital media companies Uganda Mobile Database in the world: Facebook, Twitter and Google. These giants of digital communication, by contributing their efforts and technological innovations for the benefit of the affected society, also add to their corporate image a positive idea among their users as altruistic companies aware of the global tragedy.

Imagine that social media disappeared

Since last Monday, the social network added in its news feed , a special button that allows users to make donations, which will be made through International Medical Corps , an organization that manages aid actions in the region.

With a personalized message, accompanied by the legend “let’s help Nepal”, the social network with more than 130 million users around the world will match every dollar donated to raise the amount of 2 million.

Facebook also implemented Safety Check Brother Cell Phone List, a simple and easy way to notify family and friends that people are safe. This feature was activated last Saturday in Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Bhutan – the disaster zone. According to information published on the blog of the social network, since then, millions of people have reported their status as stable while tens of millions of people have been notified that someone they know is.


The company expressed its interest in helping in the face of the crisis situation that the region is experiencing as an effective means of keeping the population informed, coordinating efforts, bringing families into account and raising efforts to collaborate in this emergency.

The social network promotes regionally the hashtag #NepalQuakeRelief, and its link to In Crisis Relief , a community-run center to provide information and responses to the local crisis. Google

Like Facebook, Google launched a search engine that allows information on the missing after the earthquake to be shared and disseminated. The Person finder application is used to enter information about the victims with specific data such as first and last name, which will be used as search terms.

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