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SEO positioning points explained by Aleyda Solís

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SEO positioning points explained by Aleyda Solís

In this post we offer you 21 super important steps to do SEO. new china phone number It is a compilation with some of the points that you must take into account to optimize your website to the maximum and improve your SEO positioning . new china phone number Aleida Solis explains them to you in a simple way, both in video and in text. Aleida Solís is an International SEO consultant with a lot of experience in the sector, new china phone number and has worked and collaborated with many companies and clients helping them with their search engine positioning. Aleida was with us talking Duplicate content is bad for SEO, new china phone number also from a user experience point of view. You often see websites with poorly structured categories or categorization systems that overlap.

Google does not know which one to position, new china phone number since they compete for the same thing and end up cannibalizing . For example “Online Courses” and “Online Courses 2016”. Google doesn’t know what content to list amuser engagement or interaction with the content is crucial. new china phone number If the user clicks on a search result and leaves the web very quickly, it is harmful. Your response or satisfaction with the content has not been satisfied. new china phone number Google detects this behavior and end user positioning worst websites when users remain shortly after having click ado time that result in the search. If, despite appearing in good positions, nobody pricks you, something is wrong.

It is important to analyze with Google Search Console the searches for which you appear in Google and what percentage of clicks (CTR) each one is obtaining. new china phone number This way you can find out which titles are not well optimized and do not offer what people are looking for. The CTR is one of the most important SEO factors , Gambling Email List since it shows the interest that your results arouse in people. new china phone number Google understands them as a reference, a vote of confidence, new china phone number popularity or a review. If the link comes from an authoritative site such as newspapers, relevant media in the sector or chambers of commerce, Google will give it more value and give you more authority . new china phone number The link building or strategy to get links is still one of the most important aspects in SEO and we can do many things to encourage more links. Of course, good content will also help make that happen more often.

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