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SEO is mothers”: SEO positioning lessons, by MJ Cachón

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SEO is mothers”: SEO positioning lessons, by MJ Cachón

«SEO does not exist, Healthcare Lists SEO is the parents. Or rather, mothers. » In this way, Healthcare Lists MJ Caching began his presentation on the best SEO positioning techniques at the IV Meeting of Agencies held on May 19, 2017 by Aula CM. How do you stay? Healthcare Lists In this presentation, MJ literally told us, “everything his mother taught him about SEO” and reviewed with those present a series of SEO aspects that can not be missing in almost any project. Healthcare Lists Through a series of comparisons with typical mother phrases, Healthcare Lists it helps us understand the importance of key positioning points such as crawling, indexing, and performance.MJ also invites us to return to the basics and highlights the importance of having a good foundation at the on-page level

Our projects must have an immaculate foundation since these will guarantee us a minimum traffic capture. All SEO ON page consists of elements controllable by us. If it is in our power, how can we not take good care of them? Healthcare Lists How can we not orient our project or that of our client towards attracting relevant and qualified traffic? At this point, the web structure takes on a vital role. Here, good page linking, tagging, Healthcare Lists  and titles and descriptions come into play. 4. Healthcare Lists Know the rules of the game well If at some point in our lives we hear that of: “As long as you live under my roof you will follow my rules”,

then we can understand that Google also puts theirs and, if we want to “enter your house” we must respect them. Google has a series of rules and parameters that, Healthcare Lists first of all, we must know. So, once you are aware of what Google’s guidelines are and how they work, choose whether to follow them, skirt around them, Healthcare Lists or act strategically to address them. Some of Google’s key criteria are: Avoid content duplication Do not hide texts The accessibility of the websites Technologies trackable and understandable Framing of pages : Healthcare Lists met robots tags, canonicals .And, in SEO Gambling Gmail List we will always face a lot of options for the same situation. Healthcare Lists The complexity lies in knowing how to choose which option best fits the situation in which the Healthcare Lists  project we are working on is. Healthcare Lists Therefore, the first thing is to know all these options well to be able to make a decision according to the

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