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SEO for Ecommerce: how to choose keywords in an online store

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SEO for Ecommerce: how to choose keywords in an online store

Searching keywords for ecommerce is a task that goes far beyond using the most popular keyword research tools. In addition to the volume of searches or the competition, you should also know if that keyword converts and more details. Attention,  information numbers list because you are going to see how to do it with this SEO guide for ecommerce. If you are setting up an ecommerce, your number one concern may be the choice of platform, information numbers list taking good photos of your products or the costs of logistics. Well, I have bad news. To all these concerns, you can add yet another one: SEO . information numbers list Why? information numbers list The largest study on ecommerce in Spain carried out to date makes it very clear:

For example, a keyword like “iPhone” has a beastly search volume every month, information numbers list but it doesn’t tell us if the user is ready to make the outlay that an iPhone entails. You may be looking out of curiosity, information numbers list or you may be taking a first look at smartphones on the market. On the contrary, information numbers list a keyword like “black iPhone 7 plus case” makes it very clear that this user is willing to buy right now .For “iPhone” we must compete not only with the many online stores that sell them, information numbers list but also with the official Apple site and with a lot of websites and technology blogs. Getting to the first page of Google for that search can take a long time.

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I am not saying that you do not mark it as a medium or long- Gambling Email List term objective, information numbers list if what you sell are phones, but you should know that it is not a good term on which to base your entry strategy. By contrast, for “iPhone 7 plus black case” you will have to compete only with other ecommerce websites. information numbers list Maybe some are a little bigger and more established than yours, yes, but all of them affordable rivals when things are done well at the SEO level. To close the argument, this keyword can be multiplied by many variants. For example: information numbers list white iphone 7 plus case black iphone 7 plus case black iphone 7 case These are long-tail or long-tail keywords .information numbers list They have little separate traffic, but the sum of several can be very interesting. In addition, in general they tend to have less competition than the most searched terms.

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