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seo-audit-guide-1.svg Mega Guide to do a Complete SEO Audit NOW

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seo-audit-guide-1.svg Mega Guide to do a Complete SEO Audit NOW

In this post I am going to deal with one of the most important and necessary elements of positioning work: the SEO Audit . I am going to explain it to you step by step so that you understand each of the points well and I am also going to recommend free and paid tools ,Bank Email List as well as information on the price of the SEO Audit, advice resulting from experience with clients and students of our SEO Course and Online SEO Course in which students carry out a complete SEO Audit on their own website to find all errors and solve them for the positioning of the project in Google, and a real example of SEO audit with video included at end of article. It is important to make it clear from the beginning that there is no single valid method to carry out an SEO Audit, that is why we must have an open mind to learn from other professionals and incorporate interesting aspects into our own methodology, since SEO is learning and constant review of the postulates and theories themselves.

Analyze all the factors that affect positioning, always from the point of view of who performs it, as a result of their experience and their vision on SEO. Taking this into account, and following our criteria, we can group the Audit process into 5 phases or large main blocks of  Inbound Links / Domain Authority Performance  Usability Code and Labels Analysis block 1. Indexability and Tracking Phase 1, Indexability and Tracking , comprises the following important points that must be analyzed: 1.1. Indexability The analysis of the site’s URLs that are indexed , that is, that can be served by the search engine as a result of a search, or in a less orthodox way, the pages of a website that appear in Google. This first factor is very important. A website must always have its relevant URLs indexed for SEO, that is, those on which there is real search intention and that have been optimized with the intention of appearing ranked for said searches. A website must always have its relevant URLs indexed Following this line, it is as important that the relevant URLs are indexed as that the non-relevant URLs are not .

By non-relevant URLs we mean all those pages of a site that do not provide relevant information for a specific search intention or that have not been optimized for SEO, or that offer poor content ( thin content ) or that have matching or duplicate content with respect to other URLs on the site, Gambling Gmail List which do not add anything new. By tracking we understand the process of reading that Google does of the content offered by the URLs of a website. Google prefers not to crawl irrelevant URLs, as this saves crawling time that can be used to crawl other relevant URLs. In addition to very large websites, from about 10,000 URLs approx. up, Google might have trouble seeing all URLs and index, due to the limited budget tracking or Crawl Budget .

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