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search engine optimization mistakes that destroy your SEO

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search engine optimization mistakes that destroy your SEO

Be very careful: this post is a list of mistakes that you can make or even be making right now with your website and that could ruin your SEO positioning in Google. Therefore, take note and at the same time have your website open to carry out the necessary checks and improvements on the fly. Even if you don’t know much about SEO, don’t worry. I am going to explain everything to you in a simple and practical way so that you can apply the corrections step by step. Email Marketing to Physicians With this post I want to help you understand what we are talking about and then you can easily solve it . In the Aula CM SEO Course you carry out a thorough SEO audit of your website to find errors and learn how to solve them. You also have the option of taking the SEO Online Course . Some of the mistakes or things that you should be aware of are quite easy to make.

Email Marketing to Physicians

Others are less common, but you should know them anyway so you don’t fall for them in the future. In SEO, taking actions to position yourself is as important as avoiding making mistakes When you work on the SEO of a website, it is just as important to take actions to position yourself as it is to avoid making mistakes that could penalize you or harm your positioning. But keep in mind that not everything that hurts you has to be a penalty . Sometimes there is a lot of confusion about it and there are people who think it is the same thing, when it is not. A penalty is a punishment that Google imposes on you for having done something that you should not according to the algorithms that set the rules, such as the panda, penguin, etc. A simple SEO error is something that may be hurting you, even if it is not directly related to a specific Google algorithm. How do you know if you are making SEO mistakes? It would be great if, every time it penalizes you, Google would notify you promptly and notify you exactly what the reason for the penalty was ,

so that you could eliminate the problem quickly and accurately.  Gambling Gmail List Nor would it be bad for Google to periodically inform you of the SEO factors that you are not optimizing correctly, to always have your website perfect for SEO . But I am sorry to tell you that this is not so. Therefore, you have to analyze your site point by point, detect errors and start optimizing now. The problem with making mistakes in SEO is that if you are penalized or lose many positions, the solution may not be as easy as removing the error and that’s it. Sometimes a damage remains that can be very difficult to repair, or it can hinder or slow you down in your positioning strategy. Therefore, it is essential to be very clear about which SEO mistakes you should not make, how to detect them and how to solve them :

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