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Risks of sharing personal data on the Internet: ‘Oversharing’

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Risks of sharing personal data on the Internet: ‘Oversharing’

The enormous impact that the Internet has on today’s society is an undeniable fact . mobile phone belgium About 85% of Spanish households have a network connection and around 7 out of 10 children under 15 have a mobile phone, according to data from the Spanish Data Protection Agency. New technologies and social networks have become enormous communication tools, but misuse of them could have negative consequences, especially among the little ones. Sharing information and personal data on social networks has become a very common practice for most of the population and even more so among young people. mobile phone belgium On Instagram alone, a total of 95 million daily posts are made worldwide. mobile phone belgium This overexposure of content is known as ‘oversharing’, which comes from the English term “over” and “sharing”, mobile phone belgium and is a phenomenon that is sweeping among minors. In fact, 11-year-olds post on social media an average of 26 times a day and generally get 100 or more followers on each network, mobile phone belgium but less than half of these followers are friends in ‘real life’ , according to a survey conducted by Internet Matters.

Aware of this situation and coinciding with the Information Privacy Day (January 28) , mobile phone belgium Qustodio – a digital security and well-being platform for families – has carried out an X-ray of the use that minors make of their data on the Internet and the risks involved in sharing personal information online. mobile phone belgium 45% of minors between 9 and 16 years old have a profile in at least one social network, a percentage shoots up to 83% in the 15 to 16 age group, according to the Net Children Go Mobile study. In addition, the National Cybersecurity Institute (Incise) alerts that only 46% know how to change privacy settings and only 40% are able to block pop-up windows. Indicating the location, mobile phone belgium  sharing future plans or spreading your mobile phone number are some of the most common practices among young people on the Internet. Among the most common risks to which minors are exposed, the following stand out: the sup plantation of identity included in the Penal Code as a crime of identity theft  mobile phone belgium (regulated in article 401) and which is understood as the action that consists of the falsification of a person pretending to be someone else, a crime for which a prison sentence of 6 months to 3 years could be established;

mobile phone belgium

child pornography (article 189 Penal Code) by capturing, mobile phone belgium  Gambling Email List using or distributing material with minors or people with some kind of problem could lead to a prison sentence of between 1 and 5 years; and kidnappings (Article 164 Penal Code) in which the penalty depends on whether or not they ask for ransom and how long it lasts. Once content is published on the web, you have to understand its perpetuity on the web , mobile phone belgium although privacy regulations try to establish a right to “be forgotten”, it is difficult to apply and make platforms delete your data. In the long term the consequences can even affect your work environment. mobile phone belgium Info Jobs affirms that 50% of Spanish companies consult the social networks of candidates for a vacancy before making the decision to hire. For María Guerrero, an expert psychologist in technology and family at Qustodio, “it is essential that there is open communication between parents and children. and that they are the ones who educate and promote a responsible use of the Internet.

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