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RGPD Guide: How to adapt your website to the new data protection law

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RGPD Guide: How to adapt your website to the new data protection law

The much commented RGPD is here and with it all the changes and adaptations that we who have web pages and collect personal data from users who browse them have to carry out. Is your website adapted to the new regulation? Do you want to avoid the millionaire penalties involved in being outside the law?RGPD is the acronym for the General Data Protection Regulation , the new regulation regarding data protection that entered into force on May 25, 2016, approved by the European Union. The objective behind this new regulation is to regulate, Fast Food Direct Mail care for and protect, even more so if possible, the use made of personal data by users, companies and institutions so that their owners have more control over them. In this way, anyone who collects and stores personal data will have to meet a series of new very specific requirements. Anyone who collects and stores personal data will have to comply with the new GDPR Two years after its entry into force, that is, on May 25, 2018, compliance with this new regulation is strictly mandatory and will replace the current legislation on data protection.

The new RPGD is common to the entire European Union so, if you or your business is located in this territory or you manage data of European citizens, you must adapt to the new law, without exceptions. Otherwise, the penalties you could face are millionaire. Copywriting exclamations Why and how does the new GDPR affect you? Do you have a blog and use a form to attract subscribers? Do you sell your products and services through an ecommerce ? Do you allow users who visit your site to leave a comment or contact you? Careful! Any form that appears on your website, whatever the type, in which you collect personal information from your users, will have to be adapted in such a way that it complies with the new General Data Protection Regulation. In the case of non-commercial websites or blogs, which do not generate income, the most common ways to collect personal data and that you must adapt are: The contact forms The input comment boxes The subscription forms to a newsletter In the case of commercial websites or those that generate direct or indirect income, things get a little more complicated since it will be necessary to comply with the LSSI-CE .

In addition, in these cases, we can find more complex forms or payment mechanisms to acquire or contract products or services that require additional contracting conditions and a legal notice. In any case, remember that whenever you collect personal information on your website / blog, whether you generate income or not, you must comply with the RGPD. Gambling Gmail List Therefore, below I summarize the requirements that you must meet and the steps to follow to legitimize your website in the face of the new Data Protection Regulation. Take note! Exclusive access for Aula CM students to the RGPD Manual with tutorials, templates and downloadable to adapt your website 100%. How to adapt your website to the RGPD In short, for your website or blog to comply with this new regulation, you must: Facilitate clear and explicit all the information on the collection and use of personal data to be picked up. Enable a mandatory check box for users to give their explicit consent for this treatment and their acceptance of your new privacy policies3 Collect and store that explicit consent .

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