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Responsive Guide: adapt your website to mobile devices

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Responsive Guide: adapt your website to mobile devices

Navigation from mobile devices is increasing, chinese phone number online that is why it is important to have an optimized website that adapts and is usable on all devices. This way you will be improving the user experience on your website. chinese phone number online In this post you can see what usability is and how to improve it.Having a responsive website will allow you to cover a greater range of devices from which they will be able to find you when they search Google, chinese phone number online so you can attract more traffic to your website. If you ignore the importance of having a website adapted to mobile devices, chinese phone number online you can lose opportunities and run the following risks: Loss of community: New users respond to their first impression of a website.

If they have trouble viewing your site, they may not come back and you will lose potential readers. Loss of traffic to your Blog: chinese phone number online The consumption of content from mobile phones could account for between 20% and 40% of your traffic. Fewer subscribers to your Email list: If your Blog and your subscription form are not correctly optimized to be usable on mobile phones, chinese phone number online  you will only frustrate your users, who will not finally subscribe. To know the percentage of visits you receive from mobiles and tablets, you must click on “Add segment” at the top of your panel in Google Analytics, and select “mobiles and tablets”. In this way you will have a vision of the amount of your audience that visits your website from mobiles. The results will be shown to you as follows:

As you can see, last month I had 24.71% of traffic from these devices. Google Analytics also allows you to know the number of visits you are receiving from mobile devices. chinese phone number online By accessing your Google Analytics account, from Audience> Mobile , Gambling Email List  chinese phone number online you will have an overview of the sessions on your website from the different devices. The interesting thing is that you will be able to see the brand of those devices from which you receive visits, thus being able to optimize the size of some elements of your website, depending on the resolution of the screen.chinese phone number online IN a responsive website, the optimal thing is that you can read all the content without having to zoom in with your fingers. chinese phone number online With Screen fly you can view your website on different devices of different brands, with several different screen sizes.

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