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real cases of WPO and optimization of a website in WordPress

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real cases of WPO and optimization of a website in WordPress

In a situation like the current one where users and  Healthtrax Corporate Email Google prioritize the loading speed of web pages, you cannot ignore this aspect. To do this, you must Healthtrax Corporate Email optimize your website , also known as WPO, and ensure that it is the best possible for both users and Google. But how to achieve it? In April of last year, the 1st edition of Pro Marketing Day took place , a digital marketing event organized by Aula Healthtrax Corporate Email CM in which it was possible to enjoy both presentations by Healthtrax Corporate Email expert professionals in the digital field and real practical cases with companies of the attendees. Healthtrax Corporate Email. In this case, Ernesto G. Bustamante and Roberto Ortega , Healthtrax Corporate Email both teachers at Aula CM, spoke to us about the importance of web page optimization or WPO.

For this they used as an example the optimization of the Aula CM website and how they had optimized those of three other companies, Events Magics Madrid , Casa Jardim Oriental and Marketin.tv . Here is the video of the presentation: Healthtrax Corporate Email we have the case study of Aula CM and on the other hand there are the optimizations of the other three companies that participated in the congress. The tool used to know the status of the web pages was GT Metrix ,Healthtrax Corporate Email  which is a professional tool, Healthtrax Corporate Email very useful for making WPO, based on the insights of Google Page Speed ​​and the Yalow of Yahoo. With it you can obtain data such as the loading time of the web page, the weight of the same and the requests . In addition,

. This optimization can be done directly when editing the photograph in programs like Photoshop , using pages like Tinning or plugins like WP Smash in the case of having CMS like WordPress. In the case of the optimization of the Aula CM website, Gambling Gmail List the ImgOptimizer tool is used . Healthtrax Corporate Email Healthtrax Corporate EmailThis tool is typical of the Web hosting Company where Aula CM has the web hosted. This tool is very useful as it performs a great optimization of the images. Combine images with sprites In the case of Aula CM, Healthtrax Corporate Email the page has a megamenu and for each service there was a different icon. This caused the web to have a large number of requests to the server, Healthtrax Corporate Email which slowed down the load. To solve this, all the icons were combined in a png image through a sprite .

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