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Pros and cons of creating business applications

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Pros and cons of creating business applications

The culture of applications escalated rapidly. As soon as they became accessible to users, the number of downloads became stratospheric thanks to the 56 billion people who downloaded between 26 and 41 applications, according to global mobile statistics carried out by Peru Phone Number List. With these numbers, it seemed like a fruitful business model, but not everything has been honey on flakes on the ground. Many of the users usually download an application to forget it, never reopen it or definitively delete it after just one or two days of use. Under this premise, creating an app seems like a risky business , so it is important to take into account the pros and cons when deciding to take that path.

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Currently, many companies and online magazines are choosing to customize their websites so that they are accessible and look good on the screen of any mobile device, in addition to ensuring easy navigation. The user then does not spend on the download, neither money nor space, and prefers to stay with the website Phone Number List by entering directly from his browser. On the other hand, application creation costs are not always profitable, creation rises considering in the business plan a certain number of downloads and a certain number of updates that are not always carried out, especially when the user forgets that have the app or lose interest in it.


Well-executed applications in terms of design, theme and ease of use, can hook the customer more than anything else. A very clear example is that of games like Candy Crush or Despicable Me: Minion Rush. If your application is attractive, you will surely win the loyalty of your customer. To achieve this you need a creative idea and efficient development. The application is also easier to guide according to your objectives (where you want to specifically direct the user). When the app is built efficiently, you can even allow your customer to make complex purchase transactions.

To be part of the successful minimum percentage of applications that are not deleted or forgotten, you must make sure to make one that works properly, does not blatantly consume a lot of mobile battery, has a careful design, is safe and attractive to the user. There are many pages that offer you to create an app without having much experience like The App Builder , you can use them to brainstorm ideas regarding design and functionality.

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