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programs to create animated GIFs and moving images

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programs to create animated GIFs and moving images

Animated GIFs are all the rage. get chinese phone number And it is that social networks have given another opportunity to this format that before the 2000s revolutionized web pages. This type of image format gives a different touch to your blog and your networks. get chinese phone number Do yo want know how they are made? Do you know where we can find them quickly? A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a series of consecutive images that are presented in sequence. get chinese phone number It is a moving image that is limited to 256 colors. They are back in fashion as a visual resource thanks to the power of social media. get chinese phone number They are displayed quickly , they do not usually last more than 10 seconds and usually in the same window in which we are working.

We are not concerned about its poor image quality and its limitation in frames per second since the goal of entertaining the user is fulfilled. get chinese phone number We have seen in the history of the GIF, that the objective of this has YouTube video formats changed, from giving dynamism to boring websites to creating an idle smile on social networks . get chinese phone number When including a GIF in our networks we must create it or search for it on specialized pages, but always remember not to abuse this resource. It is characterized by its ease of editing and the little space it takes up. get chinese phone number That makes it a very verbalizable and practical format when it comes to sharing on the networks. We can say that it is the king of GIF sites.

On this website you can find a huge file of GIFs and it also allows you to create them very easily. It has the option “Video to a GIF” get chinese phone number where you just have to include the link of the video on which you want to make the GIF. Maximum 15 seconds. get chinese phone number You can do some simple editing like including text. Once the GIF is created, Gambling Email List it offers you the URL and the option to share with your social networks. Like Imdur, it is one of the most popular websites for searching and creating GIFS. get chinese phone number You can directly upload your GIF already created on your computer or create it online. Like the previous one, you have to enter a link of the base video that you want to create a GIF or the images you want to work on. get chinese phone number With a maximum of 10 seconds of piece

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