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Practical guide to digital ‘marketing’ for small businesses

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Practical guide to digital ‘marketing’ for small businesses

06 OCT 2020 – 13:37 CEST The Internet has democratized marketing . Any business, even the smallest, can today, create uk phone number with a small investment, create a strategy to attract consumers using the possibilities offered by the digital world. Social networks , blogs, create uk phone number the web pages themselves and search engines such as Google , in addition to SMS and email newsletters are just some of the platforms that the merchant has at their disposal to attract potential customers both to the store. physical as well as digital sale. create uk phone number The key to achieving this is knowing which ones to use to optimize results.

The great advantage of digital create uk phone number marketing compared to traditional marketing is that it allows collecting data on consumption of great value for the business and carrying out campaigns from amounts as small as 100 euros per month”, create uk phone number argues Erik Rigoll, digital strategy consultant at RocaSalvatella, who will teach the webinar Taking advantage of digital marketing: techniques and basic notions , create uk phone number organized by HUB Empress de Banco Sabadell. Sign up for the Banco Sabadell Company HUB webinar Taking advantage of digital marketing: basic techniques and notions .

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Date: October 8 at 4:00 p.m. The strategy,  Gambling Email List create uk phone number therefore, must begin by having a presence in the Internet spaces through which the potential customer moves to decide through which channels the entrepreneur should transmit his message. create uk phone number  “We must know the path that goes from when the consumer knows the product or brand for the first time until they buy it and in what part of that journey I can impact them as a company,” create uk phone number  adds Rigola. “If we can generate content of interest and we know where to place it, we are sure to be successful at an affordable price.create uk phone number  And the expert exemplifies it like this: “A neighborhood butcher shop and a 70-year-old woman who is its potential client.

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