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Persuasion Techniques to Trigger Your Conversion Real Examples

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Persuasion Techniques to Trigger Your Conversion Real Examples

In a business world where competition abounds, companies must learn to differentiate themselves in order to win customers . For this, it is important that they know their users, their buying behavior and offer them what they are interested in. The persuasion techniques can help us achieve this goal but how we apply them in a marketing strategy ? .  On April 14, we celebrated PRO Marketing DAY , an event dedicated to the world of Digital Marketing. In it, we were able to enjoy the vision of different professionals about how the marketing sector is , as well as discovering another series of interesting news. DJ Email List One of the conferences in the morning was the one starring Nazir Tirado , Technical SEO Consultant and Conversion-oriented Digital Analyst. With a striking presentation full of examples , Nazir told us about the importance of the user during the sales process.

In addition to highlighting those aspects that we must take into account to encourage the conversion to occur.Natzir began his presentation with an introduction in the purest Stranger Things style: with an aura of mystery and a very attractive visual aspect. After this, he would throw his first question to the public: What is a Demogorgon? For him, Demogorgon’s are like our users. Those people who interact with our content, visit our website and, ultimately, the public to whom we have to sells an answer, two alternatives: Get our user to do what we want by force .If we choose this option, it is most likely that our user will not feel satisfied, and may even decide to end the relationship with us. Reward our clients with something. Returning to the example with which he began his presentation, Nazir explained to us that if we give the Demogorgon’s chocolate, we will make them behave better.

Once the options were exposed, he focused on the one that offers the best results: reinforcing the behavior of our users with rewards so that they re-emit that behavior. Gambling Gmail List When talking about visual guides, Nazir was referring to the fact that our attention is focused on that point that we register with our eyes. Therefore, if we want the focus of attention to be directed to a part of the registration form or the web page, what we have to do is draw the attention of our user’s eye to that place. EXAMPLE The Sun silk brand conducted several eye movement studies with different variants of the same ad. In those in which the model looked at the advertised product, it was shown that users paid more attention to the product compared to those in which the model looked straight ahead.

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