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pages to download free vectors: EPS, SVG, AI

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pages to download free vectors: EPS, SVG, AI

Using vectors facilitates and improves our work visually, it allows us to save time and, although their cost is usually low, we can also download them for free. Given their importance and the advantages of using them, we put at your disposal the best pages to download free vectors on the market and that you have thousands of options for your designs. Vectors are essential elements for graphic and web designers and are especially useful for designers Esinc Email who are starting out or those who have basic knowledge and are experimenting with their designs. Is this your situation? Then take note of all the advantages of using vectors in addition to the list of free resources where you can download them What are the advantages of using vectors in design? Before explaining what are the different advantages of using vectors in graphic and web design, it is essential to know what a vector or vector image is: The vector images are graphics formed of lines and curves through geometric elements defined as vectors. Using vectors has seven main advantages compared to other images: 1.

Vectors are lightweight files . Therefore, it is easier to share and save them. 2. The conversion of a vector image is very easy . 3. A vector image has independent resolutions. This allows a designer to edit, resize, or scale the vector without losing quality . 4. Vectors with ASCII formats have the possibility of being modified by text editing tools . With it they can add, move or change text without losing the quality of the image. 5. In images of great detail, vectors allow you to work with greater clarity in resolution. 6. The end result of projects that use vector images is more precise and sharp . 7. Vectors are ideal for presentations and animations , as the image is clearer. Instagram Social Networks What uses can we give to vector images? Once you know the advantages of using vectors, below we propose different ways and examples of using them in your work. Take note! Designs for social networks and blog Using icons and vector images is very common when we want to surprise or make a different, fun and surprising design . On many occasions these designs are intended to be shared on social networks or to be at the top of the blog.


Web designers tend to use many vector images and icons in their designs due to the lower weight they have compared to other formats and the possibility of being scalable without losing quality. The use of vectors and icons improves the design of the web page and, in addition, helps to visually convey concepts or ideas that you want to convey. Within the field of marketing, it is very common to work with lead magnets, be they eBooks, Gambling Gmail List templates or other types of downloadable that add value to users and provide the company with interesting data to search for a possible conversion. The use of icons and vectors in lead magnets allows them to be much more striking and thus increase the perception of the value it has for users and, consequently, the possibilities of attracting subscribers.

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