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Only 11% of brands have a unified view of the customer

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Only 11% of brands have a unified view of the customer

The customer data platforms (CDPs) are fashionable in the universe marketer. Brands want to apply it but it costs them blood, sweat and tears to have a truly unified view of the customer . get german number Only 11% of them know how to use the data of their clients to improve their experience according to the study carried out in North America and Europe by Forrester Consulting and Oracle . 89% of brands struggle with blood, sweat and tears to have a truly unified view of the customer CLICK TO TWEET But let’s go in parts. If you don’t know what a CDP is, it’s best to start with a canonical and industry-accepted definition. get german number What is a CDP? According to Gartner, a CDP is an integrated database that unifies online and offline customer data, enables modeling, and drives the customer experience . Difficult to understand, get german number we know. You have to have a very privileged mind to know what a Customer Data Platform is with that definition and without confusing it with a CRM. Nice work, Gartner. get german number There are many more definitions that revolve around concepts such as “unified database” or “data accessible from other systems.

” The case, so that we do not get confused and apply the definition to many other systems, get german number is to understand that a CDP is what you do when you have a CRM in your company but you do not use a third-party data management platform (DMP). Come on, when you do your work and stop “eating in expensive places”  get german number that promise you the moon. Effective use of data Having clarified this, the study carried out by Forrester Consulting and Oracle has shown how 75% of marketers have the firm conviction that the ability to improve get german number the customer experience is absolutely vital in the effective use of data emanating from customer engagement. consumer. Along the same lines, 69% of marketers consider it important to have a unified view of the customer across all channels and devices .

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Perhaps that is why 64% declare that they have already sunk Gambling Email List their teeth into CDPs for this purpose. get german number Those brands that manage to use CDPs really effectively are also 2.5 times more likely to increase the customer’s “customer lifetime value” (CLV). From the point of view of marketers, get german number the main benefits derived from CDPs are specific functional effectiveness (advertising, marketing, sales, etc.) and increased effectiveness in certain channels (email, social networks, mobile, etc. .). 71% of marketers say, on the other hand, that having a unified customer profile is essential to provide a personalized experience. get german number Optimize the customer experience However, the truth is that only 11% of brands effectively use a whole plethora of data integrated into a unified customer profile with the ultimate goal of optimizing the consumer experience across all channels and providing this experience custom patina. Perhaps because get german number they are more than aware of their gaps in terms of customer data, 69% of brands expect to increase their investment in CDPs over the next two years.

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