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Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Xavier Colom’s, an expert in CRO and Web Analytics, mobile number list download shared during the PRO Marketing DAY event the online marketing strategies that SMEs must follow to achieve results at the level of large companies. mobile number list download Xavier has worked for international companies such as Google but decided to start and go over to the side of “the little ones.” He shared with everyone an interesting reflection on the competition between large and small. mobile number list download He correctly explained that the small ones fight and despair with the big competitors, mobile number list download in his case with Booking.com and regular hotels, but really the real competitor is ignorance .Who is small? Who works in an SME? mobile number list download Who has a startup? Who is a small service provider?

This is how Xavier Colom’s began his presentation, interacting with the public and presenting himself as the marketing manager of a startup, ByHours.com, mobile number list download with a small marketing budget but with a large mission: mobile number list download «Everyone can go to large hotels and only pay for what you need . ByHours.com is one of the first and only online platforms, which has more than 30 employees, mobile number list download which consists of providing the user with the possibility of making hourly reservations in hotels internationally. When we are small, mobile number list download we think that the strategy is based on being large consultancies or million dollar projects. Putting it this way and understanding it as a tactic is a mistake. mobile number list download A strategy is a plan adapted to each project , it is to understand that resources are limited and that not everything can be done.

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Xavier, during the event, emphasized the famous phrases of the book “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, reinforcing that sometimes it is better not to be in all battles. There are bat If you are small, mobile number list download it is not a good strategy to define what for next year, taking the startup Byhours.com as an example: That two hundred thousand followers will be reached on Twitter Fifty thousand followers on Instagram Five blog posts a week Have a CPC cost per click of twenty Gambling Email List cents Position yourself first in hotels in Madrid Have a YouTube channel with two thousand subscribers A highly segmented CRM This is what is best for large companies , mobile number list download since they do choose “the battlefield.” However, in the case of SMEs, it does not make much sense to fight against these types of competitors or at least not with everything at once. mobile number list download Time is a valuable resource at work. For example, a large company can buy time, since it can afford to hire more people, more human resources. However, for small companies the resource of time is limited, so it must be used to enhance strengths. mobile number list download Some will use Social Media,

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