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on-verbal and body language techniques to keep in mind

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on-verbal and body language techniques to keep in mind

Body language is much more important than we often think. It is so important that according to multiple studies, International Mailing List about 93% of what we transmit in a conversation is non-verbal communication . What is body language? The communication that we carry out through our body has a great influence on social relationships, and is the perfect mirror of emotions . It has happened to everyone that they have met a person, International Mailing List but he did not convey confidence. International Mailing List This is generally because there is a contradiction between what that person is communicating verbally and what their body language is saying. Body language: It is a form of non-verbal communication that is based on the gestures, postures and movements of the body and face to transmit information .

It is usually done unconsciously, so it is a good indicator of the emotional state of the person. On other occasions, the opposite may happen, International Mailing List that we meet someone who has coordinated body language and verbal communication and gives us good feelings. In the business world, there are many occasions when you have to speak in public, and generally under pressure, so you must have good control over non-verbal language . International Mailing List This way you will be closer to achieving your goal. The examples that you can see in this post will be great for: Presentations. Talks. Network. Of course, International Mailing List you must bear in mind that non-verbal language can be influenced by environmental factors and, therefore,

it is not an absolute truth. To be able to do an analysis and be sure of it, International Mailing List you must find several signals. 33 examples of body and non-verbal language Below you will see different non-verbal International Mailing List language techniques and what their meanings can be: International Mailing List nonverbal language Meaning of face gestures in non-verbal language When we speak most of the time we are seeing the person in front of us, so eye contact with the other person’s face is almost obligatory and continuous . Gambling Gmail List There are many elements such as eyes, International Mailing List smiles or for example hands that are brought to the face that have much more meaning than we think. Pupil size It is one of the great acquaintances within body language. International Mailing List The decrease can mean dislike for what is being seen, while the increase means pleasure.

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