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Neuromarketing strategies and examples that DO work

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Neuromarketing strategies and examples that DO work

You’ve probably heard a lot about neuromarketing lately. But do you know what neuromarketing is? Do you know what strategies we can apply when selling our product or improving our brand image? With this complete guide to neuromarketing you will discover what are the brain bases of consumer behavior. In addition, you will learn which techniques are used most frequently to measure customer responses, which ones you can apply to your sales strategy and several examples of success stories. And, the benefits of applying neuromarketing in the company show why more and more businesses are betting on this trend in order to know their customers better. Neuromarketing is the application of certain neuroscience techniques to the field of marketing. Analyze which mental processes, both explicit and implicit, influence consumer behavior. Fast Food Direct Mail This discipline draws from both neuroscience and psychology. It helps us understand why some users make purchasing decisions or others and why they choose some, they choose some products over others. Neuromarketing helps to understand why users make some purchasing decisions over others. To infer the functioning of these mental processes, scientific studies are carried out in which the physical response of a consumer to a product is measured, based on psychophysiological techniques .

Most of these techniques focus on analyzing what changes that occur at the brain level when we are looking at a certain advertisement or a product. They allow us to see which areas are activated in the brain of a person before a certain stimulus . If during the visualization of a product areas related to the reward centers of a brain (which produce pleasure) are activated, we can infer that the customer is interested in buying it. However, if an advertisement produces the activation of the insula (brain area related to pain), it indicates that this product is not to the consumer’s taste. Neuromarketing Case Study (Sony Brava) Differences between neuromarketing and emotional marketing It is quite common for the concepts of neuromarketing and emotional marketing to be mixed or confused . Although both are related to human behavior, they focus attention on different points. The emotional marketing is to explain how emotions work and how they can affect us when choosing a product. This branch of marketing deals with less “objective” psychological processes. However, it should not be downplayed because they carry a lot of weight in the decision-making process. The neuromarketing focuses on the brain and its functioning .


It deals with measuring the reactions of users to a stimulus, checking for brain or physical changes. It is a broader concept because it encompasses all brain function and not only that which is related to emotions. Neuromarketing is key at a time when brands are focusing weigh our purchasing decisions according to logic. However, the truth is that your brain has much more to say about a product than you think on a rational level. When buying, a series of brain mechanisms that operate automatically are unleashed. They are the so-called “shortcuts” or behaviors already learned that are usually defined by previous experiences, environmental stimuli, etc. When buying, brain mechanisms that operate automatically and determine our decisions are unleashed. Gambling Gmail List
What we do is use a series of schemes that we have previously learned and that we have stored in our memory . These mental schemes are subconscious. In other words, a person can never objectively tell us what is really leading him to make a purchase decision. A good neuromarketing study will allow you to: Analyze the processes that occur subconsciously in the brain of consumers. Observe how people react to an ad or product before launching it on the market. Know better what areas of the brain are involved in the purchase process. Learn what brain mechanisms and pathways are activated when we decide to buy a product. Save significant sums of money by ensuring that the product that we are going to launch is interesting for our consumer. As you can see, neuromarketing will allow you to get a lot of

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