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Neurodisciplines, neuroscience or simply psychology?

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Neurodisciplines, neuroscience or simply psychology?

Few examples in history are more sobering than the judgment of King Solomon: ukmobilenumbers the real mother was the one who preferred to remain without her son rather than let him kill him. It is relevant because, ukmobilenumbers contrary to what it might seem, the ambitious and growing invasion of the prefix “neuro” in various fields of knowledge may end up damaging the social reputation of neuroscience. Neuromarketing , ukmobilenumbers neuroeducation, neuroeconomics, neuroarchitecture, neurocreativity, ukmobilenumbers and also neurophilosophy are some examples of this programmatic invasion that does not stop. ukmobilenumbers Is it justified? Let’s analyze it.

In the particular context of the so-called neuroeducation, it has been said that to be a good teacher you have to know how the brain works, ukmobilenumbers which is equivalent, not only to denying the teaching quality of great teachers, from Aristotle to Antonio Machado, but also also to ignore how the brain itself works. ukmobilenumbers To begin with, no human activity is conceivable without neurons involved, which, in one way or another, ukmobilenumbers makes neuroscience implicitly involved in any discipline without the need to proclaim it.


It also happens that the brain comes to us without Gambling Email List an instruction manual for its use, ukmobilenumbers being above all the practice and instructive experience that make it possible for even the most lay of mortals to extract its full operational potential, even without having any idea of ​​what it is. ukmobilenumbers which is a neuron. But, in addition, when we analyze the advice that from the field of neuroscience is usually transferred to other disciplines with the intention of solving their problems or increasing their effectiveness, ukmobilenumbers we usually find ourselves with the surprise that to apply these advice it is not necessary to know anything about neurosciences.

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