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Most outstanding phrases and ideas from the th Meeting of Marketing Agencies

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Most outstanding phrases and ideas from the th Meeting of Marketing Agencies

Last Friday, May 19, we celebrated the fourth edition of the Annual Agencies Meeting , organized by Aula CM, canada telephone number at the Circular de Belles Artes in Madrid. The event brought together more than 100 Online Marketing agencies in Spain and consisted of 4 presentations and 4 debates, composed of representatives of 5 agencies. In them, canada telephone number they talked about trends and developments in the sector from which we draw conclusions and ideas to apply them to our projects. Icanada telephone number n addition, the event was a national trending topic for more than 3 hours according to Metricon. The dynamics of the talks were based on four blocks:

social media, SEO positioning, canada telephone number online advertising and content marketing. All these topics were introduced by four speakers: Clara Soler (Turistícate), MJ Caching (Relevanttrafic), canada telephone number Sergio Falcón (Zumba) and Bruno Vázquez-Doer (Aulas).Clara Soler , was the first speaker who was in charge of opening this 4th Meeting of Agencies talking about the social networks that work best and worst and their future. His talk led to the first discussion table composed of: canada telephone number Mariano Lamberti (SincroMKTOnline), Lucas García (Social Mood), Jaime Mana Casals (YourMarketing360),

Jumanji Diez (Good Rebels) and Patricia Barcia (SozialMas). canada telephone number The members talked about the emerging platforms of the moment and about how to educate the client when it comes to proposing a social media strategy. canada telephone number The second presentation was starred by MJ Caching, who made a very original similarity between Gambling Email List SEO and mothers. His talk gave way to the SEO positioning table led by Luis Villanueva (Webpositer) Santiago Alonso (Ensalza), canada telephone number Antonio López (ElBlogDeSeo), Ismael Varela (Mr. Kiwi) and Juan González (Ernesto Olivares). During this discussion, all the members shared their experience and coincidences on the main elements that must be taken into account when developing an SEO strategy.

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