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Most marketers are not disgusted by privacy changes in iOS

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Most marketers are not disgusted by privacy changes in iOS

The vaunted privacy changes to iOS have phone number list with name sent rivers of ink running in recent months. And although Facebook is pestering such changes and argues that the apple company’s new privacy policy on iOS could do a lot of harm to smaller advertisers, the new feature is Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) functionality. phone number list with name seems to have the acquiescence of most marketers. phone number list with name This is clear from at least one recent study carried out in the United Kingdom by Acequia. ATT will allow iOS users to control much more accurately how their data is used for targeting purposes.

his functionality, phone number list with name announced by the Cupertino team at their developer conference last June, includes a requirement for app developers to explicitly request the consent of users if they are going to collect personal information about them using the IDFA identifier. According to the Acequia report , phone number list with name 81% of marketers rate the new ATT functionality as “very good” or “pretty good.”  phone number list with name Created with the ultimate objective of promoting greater transparency in the compilation of personal data, ATT constitutes a real challenge for targeting in its most classic aspect (as is the imminent disappearance of third-party cookies).

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Apple’s initiative opens the spigot for greater transparency in the Gambling Email List  treatment of consumer personal information phone number list with name The investigation undertaken by Acquis concludes in any case that initiatives such as Apple’s new ATT functionality are in any case a force for change. phone number list with name 57% of marketers have in fact implemented consent-based custom methods or plan to do so within the next year. “Initiatives like ATT and the disappearance of third-party  phone number list with name ‘cookies’ are a valuable first step in restoring consumer confidence in brands,” emphasizes Lynne Capizzi, Acequia’s chief marketing officer.

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