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Mobile wallet marketing, a new way to attract and retain customers

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Mobile wallet marketing, a new way to attract and retain customers

In the era of mobile first, the mobile wallet marketing is presented as the perfect solution to establish a complete communication channel with customers. indian phone company If mobile first was already one of the trends that had been pointing strong in recent years, the pandemic has only accelerated it. indian phone company Digital, and especially mobile , have allowed brands and consumers to remain connected during the months of confinement, which has added incalculable value to the user experience. indian phone company According to the Report detrended: Mobile in Spain and in the World 2020, the mobile is already the device that is most used to buy;  indian phone company Spaniards exceed the world average in the use of applications in all categories,

except in appointments, and 78% of users worldwide have bought indian phone company a product through their mobile phone in the last 6 months ; figures that are estimated to increase considerably in the coming years. Given these data, it is not surprising that more and more companies are betting on mobile as a channel through which they offer the best experience to consumers . indian phone company A clear example of this are the native APPs of Apple Wallet and Google Pay, which more and more companies are using as a privileged communication channel. indian phone company The mobile wallet has become enormously popular in relation to loyalty programs ; however, it is open to other use cases and popular for its variety of features and opportunities.

indian phone company

But, do we really know all the advantages of the mobile indian phone company wallet and the opportunities it offers to the brands that use it? Why invest in yet another mobile marketing channel? 91% of users already access the Internet from their mobile phones and use these indian phone company  devices an average of 3h 22 minutes a day, so the budget for mobile in 2020 is between 34% and 51% of the total expenditure of advertising in 2020 , indian phone company and it is mired in huge growth. However, despite the fact that the figures regarding the use of mobile phones in the last year speak for themselves, the results of the campaigns are not always as desired ; indian phone company SMS is expensive, intrusive and not premium, on display, results are limited and there is no retention, email increasingly offers less


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