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Mobile use among young people has tripled and interest in TikTok has risen to

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Mobile use among young people has tripled and interest in TikTok has risen to

oung people used mobile phones as a tool for indian phone no entertainment, communication and socialization during confinement The web portal specialized in millennial news Red17.com has prepared a study on the use of mobile phones and Tikor among young people. The data shows a clear increase in the time of use of smartphones (up to 3 times more) . indian phone no In addition, multiplayer entertainment apps  indian phone no and other communication apps like Skype have become very popular. Among all of them, Tikor is the one that has experienced the greatest increase in interest among users: it has gone from 35% interest in January to 98% in July. indian phone no Confinement is the main reason behind these figures.

Due to the restrictions to meet in person, users searched the network for alternatives to keep in touch, entertain and socialize. With the arrival of isolation , indian phone no the situation of being separated from friends and social networks being the only means of communication, the time of use increased up to 3  indian phone no times among adolescents. Specifically, 95% of the minors used applications such as Skype, Discord,  indian phone no Zoom to talk with their friends, and 91% used Tikka, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Netflix daily. indian phone no This last trend has continued after the quarantine. Without a doubt, Tike Tosk has been the bomb of the pandemic . With a spectacular rise among young people, the Chinese application already accumulates more than 800 million users.

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Among the keys to its success are ease of use,  indian phone no intelligence in Gambling Email List the use of time and its positive and playful philosophy. Ikot attracts because its short videos generate easy, fast, explosive and carefree entertainment . Their motto is “Real people. Real Videos. indian phone no Make your day ”. The growing popularity of this platform has attracted all kinds of brands, influencers, users and even official institutions. indian phone no During the pandemic, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) opened an account to keep the population informed using the tools offered by this application. Tike Tosk on mobile On the other hand, the criticisms are getting tougher. What on the one hand can be seen as a portal for free expression, cultural exchange or creativity.

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