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Microsoft develops an elevator that guesses your intentions with Artificial Intelligence

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Microsoft develops an elevator that guesses your intentions with Artificial Intelligence

In the future, computers will no longer be operated by humans, but will be able to guess our intentions to make our lives easier, according to Peter Lee, head of Microsoft Research. More related notes: Mission impossible: confidentiality, The big five of technology Poland Phone Number List with the greatest fortunes, New technologies bring us closer to colonizing Mars.

Automated games, personal assistants, fighting language barriers and more are among Microsoft Research’s top concerns . On this occasion they give a twist to the meaning of Artificial Intelligence, which many of us tend to understand only as the possibility of robots to interact at high levels with humans (and understand each other) and transfer these principles to an intelligent elevator that will not need human operation .

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According to Peter Lee, in an interview for Bloomberg, the elevator will be able to understand your needs after a study period, in which it will know what time you go out to eat, your habits inside the building and even, if you have plans to visit Phone Number List someone else on a different floor than the ones you are used to thanks to sensors and recorders.

For the first test, the elevator was studying people for three months until it learned their behaviors. After the training period, the elevator began to understand the people until it was able to maneuver alone.

Microsoft Research is dedicated to thinking ahead and creating solutions with the infinite possibilities offered by increasingly advanced technology, with the goal of improving communication , education, entertainment experiences and the general well-being of the human being. Here’s a video from Eric Horvitz, co-director of Microsoft Research, where he talks about the company’s advancements, including the elevator.

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