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Maslow’s pyramid of needs applied to Digital Marketing

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Maslow’s pyramid of needs applied to Digital Marketing

The Pyramid of Maslow is a classic marketing, valid china mobile number but do you really know its meaning? Today we tell you what it is and how to use this theory in your Online Marketing strategy. valid china mobile number The idea is to help you get to know your target audience better to differentiate yourself, segment well and plan your content much better. valid china mobile number Maslow’s Pyramid is named after its creator, Abraham Maslow and to define his idea he was inspired by his work “A theory of human motivation” in 1934. His theory is based on organizing from bottom to top the rational needs that the human body has.

consumer, that is, valid china mobile number you can see how a person prioritizes the needs they have in order to feel fulfilled. Therein lies its importance. valid china mobile number And what role do companies, bloggers and Community Managers play in all this? Well, brands must satisfy the needs of people and for this they must better understand those needs and how a person prioritizes them. valid china mobile number Thanks to this we will be able to establish very defined strategies to reach the client. It is obvious that the needs already exist, we all have needs to satisfy, valid china mobile number whether you are a person or a company, but the truth is that with technological and social development, I believe that there are needs that have been created in some way .

How many things do we buy ourselves, valid china mobile number letting ourselves be carried away by a “whim”? Did you really need that iPod when you have an MP4 where you can listen to your music? Did you need to have 3 or 4 sneakers of the same Gambling Email List brand but of a different color? valid china mobile number Do you need to go out to eat 3 or 4 times a week at your favorite restaurant? I do not think Soof course, some brands have succeeded and it works like a charm for them. Nintendo, Samsung, valid china mobile number Mc Donald, Amazon, Coca Cola, Inditex .have made people go from consuming them out of necessity, to consuming them capriciously in an excessive way. See the case of Apple in the world . valid china mobile number Do you really need to have the new iPhone that comes out every year? What need does it satisfy that you buy an iPhone per season? None. And feeling “cool” does not fall within the needs that Maslow’s Pyramid organizes.

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