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Marketing ideas and strategies from 15 PRO Marketing DAY speakers

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Marketing ideas and strategies from 15 PRO Marketing DAY speakers

Compilation of the best ideas and phrases from all the PRO Marketing DAY speakers held on April 1, 2017.  mobile number data information An annual event that we organize from Aula CM for more than 550 attendees. mobile number data information The best specialists in Spain in SEO, digital marketing, AdWords, social networks, conversion, mobile number data information YouTube and advertising coincided. It was a Marketing event in which presentations were made that dealt with real problems, mobile number data information several practical cases were raised using projects from public companies and even the attendees were able to raise doubts that were answered by the speakers. Let’s start with the summary and the marketing ideas and strategies told! mobile number data information First presentation:

The most important new functions in Digital Marketing The opening presentation came from the hand of Patricia Carreras, Fernando Rubio, mobile number data information Alex Serrano and Leticia Griot. mobile number data information In it, some of the most important developments in the sector in recent months were compiled. The latest features on the main social networks were reviewed. The best types of posts were unveiled. mobile number data information Second presentation: Creative techniques for ad campaigns in AdWords and Social Networks This was followed by a presentation by Elena Caramel and David Campos on SEM. mobile number data information Both teachers teach the AdWords course and are great professionals in the field, so they taught us some practical and creative tools and tips to use in our campaigns.

mobile number data information

They outlined the phases that every good SEM campaign should have and taught us to address our target audience effectively. Gambling Email List mobile number data information all without having the latest tools to create eye-catching ads .mobile number data information As in any other large conference where digital marketing strategies are discussed, we also had to talk about SEO positioning. mobile number data information The person in charge of breaking the ice on this issue was Luis Villanueva, who explained to us in half an hour some innovative strategies to increase the profitability of any company that is on the internet. In addition, mobile number data information he also told us about some SEO myths and warned us that to do a good SEO job you had to forget about keywords and focus on search intent.

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