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Marketing and Advertising actions according to more than experts from the sector

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Marketing and Advertising actions according to more than experts from the sector

Today we propose 615 ideas for you to apply in your Marketing strategy. Previously, this collection had 365 actions but the entire school team has collaborated in these difficult days to update it, including new strategies and eliminating those that no longer worked. With this selection you will have even more ideas to improve your Marketing and Advertising. Apparel Company Database We teach you many strategies in our Master of Digital Marketing . These 615 actions, developed by more than 25 experts in the sector , are encompassed in 34 categories and areas of Marketing, including new concepts that have emerged recently. They are not actions to do in a moment, but most of them are complete tasks that will take you a long time to do.

ke note of all the actions, getbenchmarking . Make a good study of what arguments are used in your sector, a price study and an analysis of the most demanded products and services.  Study what type of content the companies in your sector publish to know which ones work better, which ones worse and get some ideas for your social networks and blog.big-icon-2-923 – Decide on a branding and reinforce your corporate image for your online presence. Prepare a series of image resources to represent you on the web, make a logo, look for a font to always use in your images  Make a list of all the social networks and platforms in which you have a presence.

Unify the descriptions, the cover images, the brand logo and make a small style guide to participate in each of them.  Study what your target audience is and define 3 people with names, characteristics, details and tastes. You are going to think about them whenever you generate some content or look at which networks to participate in, to know if you are really responding to their possible interests and if your audience is there. 6 – Make a SWOT , Gambling Gmail List a study of your weaknesses and strengths, and from there get some detail that differentiates you from the competition. If you do not differ in anything then you can only compete price and place, so it is a good idea to search and add differential values. 7 – Define what human resources and what budget you have to carry out your marketing plan. Set a monthly amount that you are going to allocate, to check month by month if you are obtaining profitability in your advertising efforts and to know if you can increase or decrease this budget according to the results.

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