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María José Revalderia: “At FlixOlé we believe that as many streaming platforms as there are genres can coexist”

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María José Revalderia: “At FlixOlé we believe that as many streaming platforms as there are genres can coexist”

Flexible came to the streaming entertainment market two years ago as the largest platform for on-demand content produced in Spain.  available cell phone numbers canada Many saw his appearance as that of a Quixote who was going to face those huge and immovable mills called Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video. But Flexible knew available cell phone numbers canada  that this was not his battle. So our Quixote kept his spear, said goodbye to the mills, looked for his market niche and found it. Because there are many moviegoers who know that Los Santos innocents , available cell phone numbers canada Bienvenido Mr Marshall and thousands of other Spanish films have at least the same capacity to move us and make us laugh as the blockbusters of the big Hollywood studios. Maria Jose REvalderia At For marketing we have spoken with María José REvalderia, General Director of Flexible , available cell phone numbers canada to learn a little better how the Spanish Netflix works Everyone is currently talking about the latest Netflix series , the HBO premiere, the Amazon Prime Video classic. I suppose it is difficult to fight to find a place among these giants.

How does Flexible try to achieve this?  available cell phone numbers canada Yes, it is difficult because there is saturation of content not only on platforms but also on free-to-air television, which in Spain is excellent and offers content that we can call “premium”. However, we believe that we reached a niche market of moviegoers and lovers of Spanish cinema that was neglected until the appearance of Fixie. available cell phone numbers canada Most of our movies are hard to find , even on DVD and that makes our catalog unique. Spanish cinema has been reviled a thousand times. available cell phone numbers canada Many viewers confess “a certain laziness” to enter a cinematography that sometimes distances itself from the spectacular nature of Hollywood and the Anglo-Saxon world. What would you say to those people so that they would enter a catalog as rich as yours? available cell phone numbers canada I always say that viewers who speak lazily about Spanish cinema is because they don’t know it . available cell phone numbers canada I invite everyone to join Flexible and enjoy the film noir of the 50s, to get to know the Spanish horror classics or to laugh at the comedies of the 70s.

available cell phone numbers canada

Anyone who has seen movies like El Cebo, La Heifer, Gambling Email List  available cell phone numbers canada Los Santos Innocents or Welcome Mr Marshall will be able to boast of having seen good cinema. What marketing and communication tools do you use to reach more users? We have a good relationship with specialized film media and we are also very active in social networks, available cell phone numbers canada both organic and pay media. But above all, we strive to reach moviegoers. As our product is an online product, it is important to reach those people who can access our service with one click. available cell phone numbers canada The growth of FlixOlé is being very positive How is the growth of Flexible since you were born? What is the most common profile of your user? The growth is being very positive, our users have a very varied profile but they are mostly adults between 24-45, accustomed to new technologies. How do you think the younger generations in our country could be encouraged to start consuming classic Spanish cinema? available cell phone numbers canada With a platform at an affordable price like Flexible, which for 2.99 euros allows you to watch more than 3000 films and series with the highest image and sound quality, since most of our films have been digitized and restored directly from the negative.

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