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major changes in Google ADWORDS and online advertising

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major changes in Google ADWORDS and online advertising

Google AdWords is still the favorite online advertising platform for millions of companies. danish mobile phone numbers Investment does not decrease, it grows. In this post we update you on the latest changes, new features, future segmentations and updates that have affected both SEO and SEM this past year. If you have a business or are considering starting a business,  danish mobile phone numbers it will be very useful to know how to better configure your campaigns and if you want to go one step further and have the Official Google AdWords Certificate, take a look at the Google AdWords course that we have in Aula CM on which is also available online . danish mobile phone numbers The statistics coincide: mobile is the device with the highest growth in recent years.

Will the day come when we don’t use a computer? Who knows. danish mobile phone numbers What we do know is that Google has made efforts to improve everything that has to do with the configuration and segmentation towards these devices. In 2016 the mobile phone was the main device in international paid searches,  danish mobile phone numbers aready touching 60% of searches in the US, danish mobile phone numbers one of the main indicators in consumption and electronic commerce. From a technical point of view, the change is in the adjustment of the bids of the campaign. Now we can increase or decrease a percentage of the bid to mobile phones , danish mobile phone numbers computers or tablet The adjustment is not mandatory, a natural evolution being possible, but advisable. Ideally, you should adjust it according to your goals once you have a representative statistic from the Devices Report .

In some cases you can danish mobile phone numbers  be clear from the beginning if you know in advance that you are only interested in showing yourself to users wherever they are or it is a mobile service. IN February 2016 Google surprised everyone by leaving the right sidebar of their browser ad-free . danish mobile phone numbers Where you could see 8 sponsored links now we have 7 at most, Gambling Email List all on the main page but actually in two categories: 4 sponsored at the top and 2-3 at the bottom. And in the middle of it all, the desired organic links. danish mobile phone numbers This has changed the SEM panorama and although the situation is stabilizing, who else, who least has suffered changes in the average position of their ads. danish mobile phone numbers According to Google, the change is due to an improvement in the user experience with the search engine and also to equalize the number of ads on all devices.

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