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List of ALL Social Networks in the World in

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List of ALL Social Networks in the World in

Social networks live in constant evolution. Some endure, others modify their nature, others die. This article brings together the platforms and social networks grouped by most important categories of the moment. Also, in this post you will find some recommendations to get more out of these platforms. Web positioning Introduction to social media The origin of social networks is marked by the desire to bring people together. Email List of Furniture Manufacturers in USA  Almost a decade before the launch of Facebook, in 1995 Randy Conrad’s created Classmates.com. His idea was to help people find former classmates from school, from the nursery, etc. The platform has changed significantly and is not what it used to be, but it does describe the intent of these types of personal networks a bit.

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Today we can find a multitude of platforms and categories , some of an absolutely personal nature and others with more professional overtones. With the introduction of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), apps have arrived . Communication has become even more effective, because it is no longer necessary to access it through a computer, but it is in our pockets. Another key factor for the transformation of networks is geolocation , which has opened a world of possibilities for both users and businesses. In this post you will find dozens of options for your brand. Surely you will discover a new option, but before asking yourself if it interests you, analyze well what your goals are . Keep all these points in mind in your online marketing Categorizing networks is a challenge. Not only are they numerous, but they often occupy multiple competencies or are multi-pronged . This is the case of Twitter, which in principle is a personal network where people express themselves freely. However, for marketers it is an excellent source of information and for journalists the same. We have all accepted that LinkedIn is the professional territory par excellence.

However, it is easier to get in touch with another professional through Twitter. On Twitter it is possible to create less formal networking and much faster than what we could achieve on platforms created for that purpose, such as LinkedIn. The same happens with Skype, for example, which in principle is a personal message, but many companies use it for internal management. That is, it is not easy to classify a social network because sometimes it meets characteristics common to several categories.  Presence Social NetworksSocial Networks and Platforms by categories Now, we are going with our selection. Gambling Gmail List We will dedicate the first block to more everyday networks such as personal, image and photography or video networks. We will also refer to other types of communities, such as forums and the enormous torrent of communication that instant messaging is generating. One of the great differences between traditional marketing and current marketing is that now we are faced with a more distrustful user, who wants to decide, who does not want anyone to sell him anything.

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