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List of 30 Social Networks most used in Online Marketing

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List of 30 Social Networks most used in Online Marketing

Eight out of ten people who use the Internet in Spain are in a Social Network. cell phone number database Which means that we are 17 million of users in social networks . cell phone number database And which are the most used? If you dedicate yourself to Online Marketing, you should know, cell phone number database because brands have to be where their “target audience” is. Here we tell you where the consumers are currently. The 30 most used social networks by Brands Users spend an average of almost 4 hours a week on social networks. Normally, we enter these platforms to find out what our contacts are doing, watch videos, listen to music, send messages, cell phone number database inform ourselves and share content. The most successful Social Networks currently are these.

This platform is useful for businesses that have offline clients . cell phone number database The objective in this social network is to get the participation of the public that already knows you to retain them. cell phone number database If you captivate your followers and make them appear active on your page, their closest environment will find out. This is what is called Recommendation Marketing. cell phone number database In other words, the mission of any brand on Facebook is for people to “like”, leave comments and share their posts. It is useless for a Fan Page to have thousands of followers if later there is no movement in it and the users do not interact. For example, cell phone number database on the Aula CM page we have 2 or 3 types of publications that work best for us and we often use them in different ways.

cell phone number database

That is the key: analyze what your fans like, cell phone number database  what content they mobilize with and use it frequently.t is the number 1 video platform internationally. It has 1 billion active users per month. cell phone number database We use YouTube to watch and post videos of all kinds, especially musical ones. After Google, it is the most used search engine in the world and it will be more and more present in our daily lives: in a short time, it will sneak into our living room thanks to televisions with Internet access, so that it will become in one more option of the remote control. cell phone number database YouTube Social Networks Many brands can take advantage of YouTube and offer valuable video content interesting to their users in a more effective way than if they did it through text.

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