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Lights, camera and… IFEMA: Feria de Madrid becomes a huge film set

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Lights, camera and… IFEMA: Feria de Madrid becomes a huge film set

Diversify businesses, people mobile canada pay attention to the needs that are generated in the society in which companies carry out their activity… Companies are living organisms that have to keep their eyes wide open to adapt to changes. “ To improve is to change; so to be perfect you have to have changed often ”, people mobile canada wrote Winston Churchill. IFEMA , the largest organizer of trade fairs in Spain and the fourth largest in Europe, seems to pay attention to the British politician and has proposed to take advantage of his capacities to open the doors to a new business model. A few weeks ago we noted that Fitter , people mobile canada one of the main fairs held at the IFEMA fairgrounds, was delaying its 2021 edition . Dozens of events have been canceled and delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic that has hit the world.

The nearly one million square meters that the fairgrounds have have looked empty for months (excluding when they were used as an emergency hospital) and the vast majority today continues to be wasted. people mobile canada The cameras enter IFEMA This year 2020 seems to have been a lie. people mobile canada How many times have we heard that we were living a bad copy of a fictional movie. Well, that’s exactly why IFEMA has decided that one of its pavilions will be used: to shoot audiovisual projections ; fiction and non-fiction. “The availability at this time of less activity of the important infrastructures that IFEMA has,”  people mobile canada explain its managers in a statement, “has prompted the launch of a new space management project aimed at providing service to audiovisual companies.

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The enormous space of the Feria de Madrid makes it a Gambling Email List perfect place  people mobile canada “for productions that require large environments and special characteristics for customization and permanence for long periods of time. Here is an example of adaptation to circumstances, of what our ancestors said to make a virtue of necessity . people mobile canada The audiovisual landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. The appearance of streaming platforms has multiplied the filming of series, documentaries and movies ,  people mobile canada it has generated a level of production never seen before. And all of Spain, and particularly Madrid, have become one of the favorite filming sets. The official figures make us think that IFEMA’s new strategy is very successful. According to the Ministry of Culture, the audiovisual sector represents 28% of the total cultural industries in the country. people mobile canada And it generated, according to data from the National Observatory of Telecommunications and Society, no less than 4,000 million euros during the 2019 financial year. In the coming months we will verify the success of IFEMA.

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