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Learning, leadership and innovation at WOBI Spain

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Learning, leadership and innovation at WOBI Spain

The World Business Forum has landed in Madrid after passing through several cities around the world such as Milan, Miami, Lima, Mexico, New York, Munich or Sydney. german phone book search  This annual event, which we have been able to attend, has come to the capital of Spain to bring together more than 1,500 restless minds seeking to share their passion for business. german phone book search  The event, organized by WOBI , took place at the Municipal Conference Center, and has become a great opportunity to analyze the challenges that the business world faces and will continue to face today. german phone book search Digitization, automation, new leadership , reforms in the labor market and audience fragmentation, have been some of the topics that have been discussed during the two days of the World Business Forum.

From ForoMarketing we have not been able to avoid taking paper and pen to collect the most important ideas that have been heard throughout the two days. german phone book search Leadership and Innovation A new ecosystem is emerging in the business world where personal growth and technological innovation must converge to achieve success. german phone book search In this scenario, the speakers have pointed out, all companies with an eye german phone book search to the future must understand how they work themselves before adapting to the new rules of the game and managing with leadership.

german phone book search

For this reason, Gambling Email List Cobi intends to bring together “the leaders who inspire changes in the business world”, german phone book search since “ knowledge is the main competitive advantage in today’s business sector”, in which “the companies that grow are those that they empower people ”. Cobi 2019 speakers german phone book search Cobi Madrid has counted on renowned experts to address the keys to a future in which a radical change in the competitive environment is predicted . german phone book search During the presentations made, it was made clear that companies must know how to operate in advance in a fragile and changing world in which innovation generates continuous transformation . Companies, they explained, german phone book search must be able to channel new energies in a “profitable direction”, german phone book search  without forgetting that ” the real threats do not come from commercial but social problems .

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