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Learn About the Concept of Gig Economy With 3 Examples of How It Has Influenced the Labor Market

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Learn About the Concept of Gig Economy With 3 Examples of How It Has Influenced the Labor Market

Our society, in the broad sense of the word, is constantly reinventing itself. This dynamism gives rise to some concepts, such as the Gig Economy, a model that uses technology to create opportunities that generate an alternative source of income. Gabriela Muente Apr 8, 20 | 7 min Learn About the Concept of read gig-economy-and-its-influence-on-the-labor-market Society evolves rapidly and changes come so naturally that we spontaneously adapt them to our daily lives without noticing how things change. Some happen for the better, others not so much.


But What We Must Realize is How Learn About the Concept of

These new possibilities can collaborate with the growth of something so important, especially in the days to come: our economy. In this post we Iceland Phone Number will tell you more about the Gig Economy, an alternative form of collaborative economy that allows you to create extra income — or not — with the help of digital platforms . How did the concept of Gig Economy come about? The Gig Economy concept emerged in the United States shortly after the subprime mortgage crisis that began in 2007.


The Drastic Reduction in Liquidity Resulted

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In the search for alternative sources of income, both for those who did not have a permanent job and for those who needed extra income. It was at this time that some of the main representatives of this category emerged, such as TaskRabbit and the unicorns Airbnb and Uber. The Gig Economy is the model that moves the economy through platforms that offer the professional services of individuals for short-term projects . It is a form of collaborative economy that moves large total numbers through small amounts of money.

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