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Le Guide Noir: “The key to an influencer is commitment and having something to say”

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Le Guide Noir: “The key to an influencer is commitment and having something to say”

Our main difference is that we are not only a social media tool germany phone number how many digits or an influencers guide, Le Guide Noir is a universe . germany phone number how many digits A universe that includes, on the one hand, the leading Social Performance tool in the market, a suite of tools with more than 20 modules to control the entire digital environment of a brand, from its social networks to its e-commerce. And, on the other, an Influencer Marketing team that,  germany phone number how many digits supported by our technology and a database of more than 470,000 influencers, has produced more than 200 campaigns worldwide in the past year alone . Who is behind? Although our work is fundamentally based on technology, everything would come to nothing if it weren’t for the great team behind making everything work perfectly.

LGN is made up of more than 50 multidisciplinary professionals , germany phone number how many digits  full of enthusiasm, commitment and passion for the sector. germany phone number how many digits A young and multicultural environment where ideas are developed daily that make us follow the latest trends and adapt in an agile and flexible way to the needs of the market. What are the most important qualities that someone who wants to be a fashion influencer on social media should have? germany phone number how many digits And what is the biggest mistake they make? The greatest quality of an influencer, whatever the sector, has to be the passion for what he does, the commitment . As the now so hackneyed phrase of Confucius says

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Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life . Gambling Email List germany phone number how many digits ” What I mean by this is that passion and desire carry dedication , germany phone number how many digits constant updating and an incessant search to be the best, to offer the latest and most different. As we all know, social networks are a constantly changing sector, a fast niche and in which adaptation is a maxim. germany phone number how many digits This is why I see it as fundamental that they love the industry, that they are aware that it goes far beyond taking a beautiful photo, it is about communicating and connecting.

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