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Keys to being in the digital world successfully

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Keys to being in the digital world successfully

2020 has been a year of changes in all aspects. belgium number The arrival of the pandemic has radically revolutionized the habits of society and, with it, has brought new models and formats for communication, training, work and entertainment, which have been made possible, to a large extent, thanks to technology . Users are now even more digital, if possible, and both professionals and companies have verified the benefits that technology brings on a daily basis. While 2020 was, belgium number for many, the year to tackle digital transformation urgently or spontaneously, belgium number everything seems to indicate that 2021 will be the year of digital consolidation. But the digitization of companies goes far beyond using video conferencing tools or working collaboratively. belgium number The continuous training of professionals, the implementation of innovative work methodologies or an agile corporate culture are some of the challenges it poses.

The Valley experts propose some tips to successfully tackle digital transformation and remain competitive: belgium number Digital training for team professionals . belgium number Continuous training in digital matters is key so that professionals can improve their skills and competencies, in addition to guaranteeing an efficient and innovative corporate culture. But to guarantee this knowledge, companies must offer their employees the possibility of training in subjects such as digital marketing, belgium number agile work methodology or digital transformation, basic for a company that wants to succeed in the digital economy. For this, companies can take advantage of very advantageous training options such as The Valley’s Hero Programs, belgium number 100% reimbursable programs that do not involve any expenses for it.

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he corporate culture must also be transformed . belgium number It is essential that Gambling Email List companies take advantage of digital tools to continue promoting internal communication, collaborative work, belgium number team motivation and a sense of belonging and engagement with the company. And it is that having an innovative, efficient and agile corporate culture is one of the fundamental bases necessary for the process of digital transformation in the company. More efficient, belgium number flexible and agile work . Although for years companies have been implementing new work methodologies such as Agile, Lean Startup or Design Thinking, the current moment demands a methodology adapted to the new work model, belgium number which is mostly a hybrid between remote and face-to-face. belgium number Companies must put their efforts into analyzing new work methodologies and choosing the one that best suits their circumstances and allows the best performance of the team at all times. belgium number For this, the key is to have specialists who accompany companies through the different phases of the process of adaptation to the digital environment and who guide them in this decision-making.

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