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Joe Biden’s Strategic Lines of Communication

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Joe Biden’s Strategic Lines of Communication

This past February 20 marked one month since Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. In just 31 days, telephone listings australia the new member of the White House has shown an attitude that has nothing to do with the transgressive behavior of his rival Donald Trump. telephone listings australia In this context, the communication agency 3AW, telephone listings australia led by the expert in political communication Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Caved, the company’s Global COO, analyzes the main messages of the Democrat in his first steps as president: Defend Americans Together against American First : telephone listings australia Biden has come to the White House promising to “take back the American soul.”

He considers the United States to be a country with a deep social and political rift and, telephone listings australia therefore, appears as a close and conciliatory politician in his messages and has asked Americans to put aside their differences and work together to strengthen democracy and mend a divided nation, telephone listings australia torn apart by political extremism. He moves away from the impeachment trial of Trump: Faced with the impeachment of Donald Trump, telephone listings australia accused of “inciting the insurrection”, telephone listings australia Biden has chosen not to take sides on the matter and prefers to show a president that he focuses his efforts on ending the problems real America is facing, and in ”


alleviating the suffering of the coronavirus pandemic, telephone listings australia ” in the words of Joe Biden himself. Gambling Email List An attitude that reveals his peaceful, calm character and away from controversy. He reaches out to the Republicans :  telephone listings australia In his mission to unify and not divide the country, telephone listings australia the president is willing to find a compromise with them for the economic stimulus plan. The president and the opposition have cordially maintained their first contact in this new era. However, telephone listings australia despite the bridges built there are no signs of reaching an agreement on the economic rescue, so Biden has warned that he will move forward without them if necessary, telephone listings australia to avoid the suffocation of the economy in the face of the pandemic: “There is no time to lose, we have to act and act now

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